The 5 Best Electric Bike Under 500 ( Buying Guide in 2021 )

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Following is our list of Top 5 Best Electric Bike Under 500 with all the comparisons you will ever need.

Bikes have become a solution for congested urban mobility due to their simplicity, efficiency in short journeys, and low cost, especially in private vehicles.

However, they continue to represent a challenge not suitable for all audiences if they travel long distances or with a certain unevenness. It is here where the electric bicycle makes its appearance.

If you are thinking of buying one, we analyze what to consider in this Best Electric Bike Under 500 buying guide, and we propose some exciting models.

Electric bicycle rules

As with other bicycles, the electric bike must wear a helmet on interurban roads and highways, but not in the city. Similarly, you cannot drive on the sidewalks unless specified, having to go on the road like other vehicles.

To use an electric bicycle, it is unnecessary to have a license, but it is essential to know the highway code, traffic signs, and respect them. In the event of riding in low light conditions or at night, bicycles must have a white front light and red rear light.

Neither is it necessary to have third party damage insurance, nor is it required to pay traffic tax because electric bicycles are not homologated to mechanical traction vehicles.

Of course, in case of an accident, if we do not have insurance, we will have to take care of the damages caused to vehicles and pedestrians.

State Electric Bicycle Laws

The regulations that we have seen so far on the electric bicycle is identical to that of the standard bicycles. However, electric bikes consist of a battery and a motor that provides pedaling assistance to the driver, and on these components, there are certain limitations, as we see below.

The electric bikes must be approved by the Ministry of Industry, according to the standard UNE-EN 15194: 2009.

They will resemble mopeds if they have an accelerator similar to that of a motorcycle. If their engine exceeds 250W or the pedaling assistance does not stop when reaching 25 km / h, as happens with powered cycles or speed ebikes.

In these cases, it would be necessary to register the vehicle, take out insurance, and have a driving license.

Top 5 Best Electric Bike Under 500 ( Buying Guide )

What is the best e bike to buy?

Before buying an electric bicycle, we must think about the use that we will give it and what intensity we have space to store it or have to carry it from home to the street or the budget that we can afford.

As with standard bicycles, there are electric bicycles of various types on the market: folding, touring, urban, hybrid, mountain … in this sense, the starting point is the same:

what do we want it for?

Below we propose some models of Best Electric Bike Under 500 of different types to serve as a reference.

1. Shaofu Folding Electric Bike

Shaofu Folding Electric Bike
Electric Bike

*Don’t forget to check the price maybe running exclusive discounts.


This folding electric bike adopts an innovative aluminum alloy frame, double layer aluminum alloy wheel. It is excited by the shape of dolphins, also conforms to young people’s pursuit of freedom and fashion.

The eco-friendly folding electric bicycle is 100% electric and zero emissions, saving both your wallet and the environment.

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Shaofu Folding Electric Bike IPX5 Waterproof range protects your trip on rainy days. It has a 350W powerful motor, and the battery only needs to be charged for 3 hours.

With a one-year guarantee for the electric motor, battery, and charger, you don’t worry use it.


  • It is lightweight.
  • It is waterproof.
  • The bike only takes 3 hours to charge up completely.
  • It has a weight capacity of 265 pounds.


  • Not suitable for big adults

2. SWAGTRON Swagcycle EB5 Series Aluminum Folding Ebike

Aluminum Folding Ebike

*Don’t forget to check the price maybe running exclusive discounts.

Overall, I would suggest this bike to anyone in the market for an affordable e-bike for the city/campus.

It’s built with only high-quality components, and since it doesn’t utilize a cheap gear mechanism just for its sake, all its moving parts are very durable.

The only another complaint I have is with the odd, almost childish name, but that’s very subjective (and can be fixed with stickers). A purchase I’m pleased with!


  • Inexpensive
  • Fits all size riders
  • It’s a great size.
  • Its fairly easy to break down and small enough to put in the trunk or a large bag.
  • Battery life is great.
  • Battery life seems to be excellent as stated, about 15 miles.


3. ANCHEER 250W Adult Electric Mountain Bike

Adult Electric Mountain Bike
Electric Mountain Bike

*Don’t forget to check the price maybe running exclusive discounts.

ANCHEER electric bike is a leading icon of e-bikes.

For years, ANCHEER has been dedicated to innovation, cutting-edge technology, and high-quality materials and providing cost-effective e-bikes to satisfy riders’ various needs of transportation and even desire to explore sports & outdoor life.

Just ride freely with ANCHEER!


  • The model’s height—-6’1”
  • Wheel Diameter: 26inches
  • Frame Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Saddle tube: Aluminum Alloy seat tube
  • Net weight: About 23kg/50lbs
  • Load capacity: 150kg/330lbs
  • Brake Style: Dual-disc-brakes
  • Number Of Speeds: 21-speed shifter
  • Front Fork: High-strength carbon steel comfort shock absorption
  • Full Length: 64.4 inches Handlebars length: 26.7 inches Seat Height: 32.6-38 inches

Electric System :

  • Mileage range: 25~50KM–15~30miles
  • Maximum speed: 25km/h –15mph
  • Lithium battery: 36V 8Ah
  • Charger: Smart Lithium battery charger
  • Motor: Stable 250W high-speed brushless gear motors
  • Meter: 3-speed smart meter button
  • Headlight: Bright LED headlamp and horn
  • The removable 36V, 8AH Ion lithium battery, custom battery pack design fits neatly into the downtube but can be charged on or off the frame. It can make you ride up to 25-50 km. Easy Charge Port System makes it set easily. New!! Have Spare Batteries.


As I said at the beginning of this review, after researching E-Bikes for about a month before purchasing, this is the lowest price point that you’re going to find for a complete E-Bike. I’ve been pleased with it.

I am genuinely disappointed when the weather is terrible, and I have to drive my car to work.

I would recommend an E-Bike for anyone who wants to take up biking but may have some mobility or stamina problems with riding a regular bike and would specifically recommend …

This Ancheer E-Bike only for the price point. Is it the best built, best quality bike…no, but it is an excellent entry-level E-Bike.


  • Inexpensive
  • It is a great bike for mountain biking purposes.


  • Not Suitable Bike For Kids

4. Nakto 26″ 250W Cargo-Electric Bicycle

Cargo-Electric Bicycle
Cargo-Electric Bicycle

*Don’t forget to check the price maybe running exclusive discounts.

The electric bikes adopt High-strength Carbon Steel Frame, and the front fork is made of high-strength Carbon Steel and packed with premium comfort shock absorption.

This electric bike with front V Brake and rear Expansion brake and 6-Speed-SHIMANO Transmission System, you can choose any speed according to your needs.

The perfect brakes fully protect your safety. The horn and the bright LED headlamp are equipped for night riding.

The 36V, 10AH lithium battery of this ebike is Removable. The bike equipped with a smart lithium battery charger can make your ride up to 22-28Miles(30-45km) with Per charger, and the PAS ranger is 28-35Miles(40-55KM).250W High-Speed Brushless gear motors efficiently assists you to travel at the 18-25 MPH road speed limit.


  • REAR GEARS: High-Quality SHIMANO 6-Speed-Gears
  • FRAME: Iron Frame+ Aluminum Alloy Hub
  • BARKE: Front V Brake, Rear Expansion Brake
  • SEAT POST: Quick Release 10cm
  • FORK: Hight Quality 5-star Fork
  • OUTER TIRE: 26″*1.75″ Tire Inflate To 280-450 KPA(40-65PSI/2.3-4.5 BAR), With Good Quality In the Grips
  • INNER TIRE: CST 26″*1.90″/2.215 Tire


  • COLOR: White/Black
  • MAX SPEED: 25 Miles/hour
  • MAX LOADING:250Lbs
  • PACKAGE:56*10*30 Inches
  • NW/GW:57Lbs/70Lbs(with battery)

Package Content: 1 x City Ebike,1 x Battery,1 x Smart Battery Charger,1 x basket,1 x Tool kit ,1 x User’s Manual and 1 x Warranty Card.


  • Inexpensive
  • It has a battery-saving mode.
  • It is a lightweight electric bike.


  • It is not a foldable electric bike.

5. Aceshin 26” Electric Mountain Bike

Electric Mountain Bike
Electric Mountain Bike

*Don’t forget to check the price maybe running exclusive discounts.

  • High-Quality Material: The Electric Bike adopts a high-quality aluminum alloy frame. The front fork is made of high-strength carbon steel and packed with premium comfort shock absorption; The front and rear wheels are double layers aluminum alloy wheel.
  • Brake & Gear Shift System: With front and rear disc brakes and a 21-speed transmission system, perfect brakes fully protect your safety.
  • Lithium Battery & Easy Charge: 36V/8AH Removable Lithium Battery of electric bike equipped with the smart lithium battery charger for fast charging (4-6 hrs)
  • Ergonomic Design: Ergonomic handlebar, adjustable seat and RST, anti-slip, and wear-resistant. The lightweight and efficient design help to travel further and save energy.


  • Frame Material: Aluminum Alloy/6061 aluminum alloy material
  • Wheel Diameter: 26 inch
  • Vehicle weight: About 23.6kg/52lbs
  • Battery weight: About 2.2kg/4.8
  • Load capacity: 150kg/330lbs
  • Package Size:136 x 25 x 73cm
  • Mileage: 25-50km/40KM ( Electric) – 55Kms (PAS)
  • Maximum speed: 25km/h/30KM/H(Electric)


  • It has a great range.
  • It has a battery-saving mode.
  • It is a lightweight electric bike.
  • The bike comes with a loud horn.


  • It is made for teens and adults.

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